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British Store Guard Tells Children ‘No Jews Allowed’


A British sporting goods chain has apologized for a security guard preventing identifiable Jewish preteens from entering one of its stores.

The seventh-graders were wearing the uniforms of the Yavneh Academy, a Jewish secondary school, when they attempted to enter the Sports Direct store in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, on Friday, the Jewish Chronicle reported. The guard stopped them at the door and said “no Jews, no Jews.”

Other Yavneh students who wore coats over their uniforms were permitted to enter.

The company apologized and removed the guard, who was fired from the security company for which he worked.

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/sneaks in

/sprinkles some art on your dash

/whispers very quietly

Sleep Hollow comes back on Monday.

/sneaks out again

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 Danai Gurira: BTS Essence Photoshoot Oct 2013  

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members of the orange order have been in george square since this afternoon, picking fights with independence supporters who have been doing nothing but holding peaceful rallies for the past few days

i’ve heard unconfirmed reports of large groups of racist unionists going around glasgow beating up anyone who isn’t white, or anyone who is an independence supporter

the city centre is seriously seriously unsafe right now, if you live in glasgow please stay indoors and if you really must go out then please hide any yes badges/flags/stickers etc! please stay safe!!

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your loud, vocal annoyance and disgust towards children is not neutral just because you don’t have/plan on having children. you are still adding to and upholding a culture that allows child abuse to happen. it doesn’t matter if this is your intent or not.

children cannot communicate very well, they don’t know that adults can be wrong, and they don’t understand concepts like abuse. all they know is that they’re hurt and upset, and when this happens their behavior changes. their cries for help are written off, they’re just “crybabies” or “acting out.”  abusers know this and use it to their advantage. 

> i dont like children

> well ur vocalising this is adding to child abuse

yeah im not buying this

if you loudly talk about how annoying/useless kids are in front of children, they’re going to internalize that their thoughts and feelings don’t matter

if you loudly talk about how annoying/useless kids are in front of other adults/older teens, that might contribute to their already-formed opinions that kids’ wellbeing doesn’t matter, which leads to child abuse not being taken seriously

child abuse jokes contribute to a society that perpetuates child abuse in the same way that rape jokes contribute to rape culture

i don’t know if you’re a child abuse survivor or not but if you’re going to leave this drek on posts like this then please unfollow me 

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- What should we do next: Something good, something bad? Bit of both?
We’ll follow your lead, Star-Lord.
- A bit of both!

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